Are You Ready to Finally Feel Good and Find Relief from Conditions
That Are Impairing Your Health and Wellbeing? 
Learn How to Manage Common Conditions Naturally
Discover simple solutions to be free from the root cause of  symptoms of chronic condition that interfere with your living your best life.
Feel light, clear, energetic, focused, pain free!
Have stable moods, beautiful skin and a healthy weight!
Get relief from an over reliance on medication!
Tired of dealing with the same conditions over and over again and hearing from your health practitioner that all you need to do is take medication?

Don't want a pill for every symptom without understanding and addressing the cause? 

Fed up with stubborn symptoms of chronic unwellness, the side effects of medication even though you are trying to do everything right?

Sick and tired of BEING so tired?  You KNOW there has to be a better way!
No matter your age, many people have a long list of life-draining symptoms that can be dealt with naturally. Sadly, few conventionally trained health practitioners are equipped to address – or even recognize that there are ways to address the underlying cause with little to no medication. 

Functional Medicine expert Lorraine Maita, knows your struggles all too well. Not only did she overcome her own chronic sinusitis, joint pain, mental fog, weight gain, fatigue and other “hurdles”, but she’s become an in-demand educator and go-to functional medicine expert for practitioners and patients alike.  
Ever Wonder Why You Have Chronic Issues Such as:
Lorraine Maita, MD

Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Brain fog/difficulty concentrating, Frequent Cold/Flu, Constipation, Tension, Diabetes, Fatigue, Headache, Heart Disease, Late night snacking, Sinus Infections, Stress, Sugar cravings, The 3 O’clock slump, Sleeplessness, Urinary Tract Infections
Feel Unwell While Other People Seem to “Sail” Through Life Symptom Free and Have Loads of Energy?
Maybe you say these things to yourself…. “I guess I feel awful because it’s just part of life or getting older like my doctor has told me” or “maybe it’s my genetics”, or “maybe I just burned myself out working so hard” and all I need to do is to take a pill to feel better?

Maybe you’ve already put a lot of effort into your health – from eating well, exercising regularly, to getting regular checkups (and even having your labs checked out)… only to be told “everything is ok” or “it’s just (name your condition) and a medication will help” or “it’s nothing serious and you have to learn to live with it” and the same condition or symptoms stays with you and you have to treat it over and over again?. You become dependent on medication and may be having side effects from it.
All the while, you have seen a steady decline in your overall health –doing what you were told to do. You don’t feel optimal and can’t seem to function or feel well.

Maybe you are even feeling cheated by how much effort you put in and you just can’t “get back to where you used to be”?

Or maybe you’ve seen some upsetting changes in your ability to function, experience joy, connect with people and have a fulfilling life and think “Is this what it’s going to be like for the rest of my life? How much worse will it get”?
Lorraine Maita, understands exactly what you are experiencing right now, because she also experienced many of these tiresome symptoms early on in her career. Yet as a traditionally trained MD at the time, she simply could not find the answers.

That led her to seek additional medical training in Functional Medicine, which she now combines into a truly comprehensive approach towards rebalancing overall health by getting to the root cause.

As an in-demand educator and go-to Functional Medicine expert, she is on a mission to help as many patients as possible through her practice Vibrance for Life as well as teaching the Care4U Courses addressing the many factors that contribute to chronic unwellness. She knows that when you get to the root cause and address it, you can not only feel good, you can feel great. Lifestyle, toxins, infections, nutritional excess or deficiencies, inflammation and stress as well as genetics, gut health and environmental factors impact your overall health in profound ways.

She has a step by step functional medicine approach that you can easily and effortlessly adopt to feel great again.
Ever Wonder Why You Just Can’t Feel Good in Your Body the Way You Used to Feel?
Maybe You Don’t Know What Feeling Good is Anymore? Perhaps You Accepted Chronic Unwellness as Your “New Normal”?  
If so, I get it.

You’ve tried many things to get yourself back into balance, been for your check up and follow traditional health advice.… and yet you’re constantly feeling tired, anxious, in pain, have chronic allergies, infections, constipation, high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar or arthritis. Perhaps you can’t sleep, are “puffy”, irritable and fatigued – while you see other people thrive in their careers, enjoy their family and have a blast. You are given medication that covers up the symptoms, but it has side effects you don’t like, and you don’t want to be dependent on medication.

You wonder, “What am I missing? Is there a better way to handle my condition?”

The thing is, you know in your heart something is off! This is not normal for your body… but you just don’t know where to turn.

On top of that, you’re dealing with a huge to-do list, trying to be a good parent, spouse or worker– but instead end up feeling guilty because you’re not feeling well, snapping all the time when someone needs your help. Other days, you just feel awful that you can’t “get things done” the way you used to.
But the truth is… it’s not your fault.

It’s your body’s reaction to internal and external factors backfiring on you!
Of course you'd be jaded, skeptical, and leery hearing this when all your doctors have told you “it’s not serious” or “you just have xyz diagnosis so just take this pill and you will feel better” only to have the symptoms recur again and again after you spent precious time in appointments, having blood work and follow-up exams. 

But here’s the thing… 
When you are suffering from chronic conditions, standard medical care is ill-equipped to get to the root of the issue! While traditionally trained doctors are great at acute care (like a heart attack or broken leg), they are not trained in rebalancing the complex factors of genetics, environment, lifestyle, nutrition, inflammation, toxins, sleep, mindset, and other factors necessary to have great health.

The #1 reason that people continue to suffer from chronic conditions is that they don’t have access to the right information on what drives the process of unwellness in the first place and they don’t know how to personalize it.

The secret to unravelling those symptoms and getting to the root cause of what caused your condition is getting the right INFORMATION to understand where you are unknowingly sabotaging yourself, what supplements and lifestyle changes are a MUST, and what you need to do to get you back in balance (and back to your old self)! 
Well, I bet you’re wondering, “But I saw many specialists and they told me it’s nothing to worry about and they gave me medication and it will be fine!”

Don’t get me wrong: getting a thorough work up to rule out serious illness is a must and sometimes in the acute state, medication is essential, your standard blood testing and other diagnostic tools are of utmost importance to deal with something acute… but what most doctors don’t tell you (and don’t know) is that it’s crucial to get to the root cause of why you developed these symptoms and this condition in the first place.
These additional tests give us a ton of info about your condition and whether or not there is something serious that requires surgery or more aggressive intervention. It is important to look for signs of inflammation, infection, toxins, levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, hormones and internal stress. Then what….if it’s nothing serious, how will you handle the ebbs and flows in your everyday life? 

Part of the reason you have any of these conditions are from things that you have control over – right here, right now! 
The good news is, you can start to adjust the factors that contribute to your condition to rebalance your system in the comfort of your own home without having to deal with insurance or copays.

I had to learn these things through years of education as well as trial and error… but I don’t want you to go through the same thing I did, dealing with persistent symptoms because no one shared this critical information with me!!
Can you imagine how good that would feel… to be finally free of your fatigue, pain, anxiety, constipation, recurrent infections, and other symptoms from underlying conditions, and get your life back?

To finally sleep soundly at night.

To finally have the energy to get your work done and enjoy time with your family again?

It is possible, as I have seen with countless of my patients and myself… and this is why I created the Care4U courses to help you alleviate the symptoms you’re your conditions at the root cause in a safe, effective and more natural way. I cover a lot of the information that unfortunately isn’t common knowledge.
Here’s What You Need to Know about the The Feel Good Again Courses for Supporting the Healing of Chronic Conditions
These online courses are specific for certain conditions and vary in length. They will cover everything from what to eat, what supplements are most effective, mind body techniques and lifestyle factors that have been shown to make a difference, as well as links to curated resources and how to get high quality supplements at a discount. They are chock full of relevant information on how you can enhance your health and manage your condition at the root cause. Keep in mind that this is informational only and does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. 

However, the information will help you learn how take action on your path to better health, hopefully finding the right care if you need it. I will be adding courses based on request and what I see most often in my practice.
Tense to Tranquil: A Natural Way to a Calmer Happier You
This course will guide you through how to modulate the thoughts and feelings that are at the root cause of anxiety, how to get unstuck, take action and the foods, supplements and practices to keep you calm and centered. $49 (regularly $249)
Constipation: A Smooth Move for Relief
This common condition is accepted as normal. Learn the tips and tricks to get relief and remove the toxins your body wants to get rid of. $19 (regularly $119)
The Sinus Fix
Finally get relief from one of the most common respiratory condition in the world. Learn the surprising secrets of the root causes of sinusitis and get the strategies and resources so you can beat sinusitis and breathe freely again. Includes a bonus E book “8 Common Products and Exposures that Make You Sick, Tired and Overweight.” $19 (regularly $119)

Upcoming Courses to Be Added

Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Brain fog/difficulty concentrating, Frequent Cold/Flu, Constipation, Tension, Diabetes, Fatigue, Headache, Heart Disease, Late night snacking, Sinus Infections, Stress, Sugar cravings, The 3 O’clock slump, Sleeplessness, Urinary Tract Infections
What’s the Investment?
I am sure the next thing you’re wondering is… how much?

Well, to make this life-changing information available to as many people as possible, it’s priced very affordably, for just a single payment of $19- $49 each. If the information provided were done on a one to one basis, it would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and a lot of time if you tried to search and curate the information on your own.

When you invest in your health, there is no greater return on investment because it upgrades literally every area of your life!

My goal was to make these courses very affordable (it was originally $197-$249 even though the value is $500 to $5,000) so that you can get the information that so many people are lacking – that is keeping them stuck in the cycle of their symptoms instead of enjoying life.

Regular Price: $597 per module

Single Payment Of $19-$49 per course
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who are these courses for?
These Courses Are for You If...
● You are struggling with a chronic condition listed here and want to get more information that can help you to make the right choices and take action to feel better.
● You feel that “something is off” and want to learn more about your condition as well as how food, genetics, diet, toxins, thoughts, lifestyle and even your environment may be impacting your condition.
● Want a more balanced, natural approach to dealing with your symptoms vs the “wait and see” mentality or over-doing it on prescription meds or trying to tough it out and see what happens.
● You’re sick and tired of feeling bad and being reliant on medications and know that there has to be a better way of caring for yourself.
How soon can I start?
You can start right away! Once you purchase the individual course, you will be able to start learning about how to manage the areas that impact your condition.
How much time will it take?
The courses and their lessons vary in length and are self-paced. Once purchased the contents will be laid out for you so you can choose what you want to focus on first, however doing it in order may be more impactful. Each section is broken down into small chunks. You can take breaks whenever you need to, allowing you to progress at your own pace. You can go back and review any of the modules or lessons at any time to reaffirm your understanding or to refresh your memory as you put the material into practice.
How do I access the recordings and materials?
Once you have purchased the course for your specific condition, you will receive direct access to the modules, plus a follow-up email with your chosen login credentials.

To join, simply click the button.

The Feel Good Again Courses for Supporting the Healing of Common Conditions is for those exploring the possibility of utilizing a holistic, functional medicine perspective to support healthy habit changes. These courses are for educational purposes only and do NOT constitute specific medical advice in a legal physician/patient relationship.

There are no guarantees made on accuracy at time of course publication, as the landscape of medicine and research changes daily. Always check with your personal physician.

Supplements and nutritional supplements may interfere with prescribed medications. It is important that you do NOT start or stop any prescription medications, vitamins or supplements without talking to your primary care physician first.

All of the products mentioned in The Feel Good Again Coursess have been scientifically tested by their manufacturers and independently reviewed for quality by others who are qualified to do so.

By enrolling in any of The Feel Good Again Courses, you understand the above statements.
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